Sunday, July 29, 2018

Inflatable Sleeping Pad

Had the opportunity to put this inflatable sleeping pad to the test and I like it...

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Made of premium TPU with Ripstop Nylon material, designed with the perfect balance between comfort and durability, yet compact and lightweight enough to be carried in your backpack or car. Perfect for swimming pool, beaches, camping, hiking, fishing, trekking, other occasions and outdoor activities. You can also use it in hostels, while waiting for your flight at the airport, or even when you have extra guests at your place for a sleepover party! Also an excellent gift for your family members and friends!

Friday, July 20, 2018

Wow...New Balance Hit One Out Of The Park With This New Shoe!!

Wow, did New Balance do an amazing job with this Fresh Foam Beacon Shoe.  If you love a comfortable shoe, hurry and order it now! You will thank me later!

Men's: Click Here
Women's: Click Here

New Balances all-new Fresh Foam Beacon for men features ample midsole heights to increase the amount of their leading performance cushioning with the first-ever ground contact Fresh Foam. While Fresh Foam cushioning offers premium plushness, the engineered knit mesh upper compliments the midsole with a breathable and stylish fit.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Banana Chips With Prebiotics and Probiotics

Wow, these chips are really good and they are healthy to!

Thai Sweet Chili Flavor: BBQ Flavor: Sea Salt Falvor: Riracha Flavor:

Made from real bananas! Banana Joe is the first to create a real fruit chip that actually tastes like proper a chip: thin, crispy, and full of flavor. We use only sustainably grown Hom Thong bananas native to Thailand sourced from small family-owned farms. Our Hom Thongs are the original strain of the Gros Michel bananas, the type your grandparents used to eat. They have so much more flavor, and although they are more sensitive to their environment, requiring extra care from the farmers who grow them, we chose to use them as they taste the best and to preserve the species by supporting farmers who grow them. We use green bananas which have lower sugar content and are higher in prebiotic fibers. The bananas are picked fresh and packed on the same day for extra freshness. 10% of profits go towards small-scale farmers in support of Organic, Sustainable, Fair-Trade agriculture. 1ST SYNBIOTIC CHIP 'prebiotic + probiotic' form complete ecosystem to enhance your inner system functions TASTES LIKE PROPER CHIP enjoy eating fruit without any compromise on taste ENHANCES PROTEIN UTILIZATION get an advantage by enabling your body to better absorb protein SUPPORTS DIGESTIVE HEALTH + IMMUNE FUNCTION + VITAMIN ABSORPTION