Friday, March 10, 2017

Non Contact Infrared Thermometer Review

What a great quick way to take your temperature with this infrared thermometer. Great for infants and kids who are sleeping as now you can take their temperature and not wake them up.

See video below for review and demo.

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  • Hygienic: Oral, Tympanic and Rectal Thermometry Carry More Contamination Risks. Our Thermal Sensor Works at a 1-6cm Distance from the Forehead.
  • Easy to Use: Simply "Point and Click" to Obtain an Accurate Measurement (C°/F°) in One Second. The MotherMed No Contact and Instant Thermometer has Voiced Audio Readouts and a Large LCD Screen that Changes Color Based on Normal, Mild, or High Temperatures
  • Undisturbing: Our Non-contact Method of Taking a Temperature is Instant, Free of Discomfort, and this Digital Thermometer Silent Mode Allows for Operation Without Disturbing the Patient's Sleep
  • Multi-Functional: Also Obtain Surface or Room Temperatures With Built-in Memory for the Last 19 Readings,Easy to Record Whether the Fever is Going Up or Down. Perform up to 40,000 Readings on2 AAA Batteries (included)
  • Versatile:Two Practical Modes for a Vast Range of uses: (a) Body Thermometer (b) Object Surface Thermometer. Accurate and Professional for Home and Medical Use

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