Wednesday, June 15, 2016

StayblCam 1st Test

I tested the Stayblcam for the first time today. Very cool product if you want stable videos when using your phone. A review will follow. - Click here to order the Stayblcam and read other reviews. - Click here to go to the company site to learn more.

  • Record professional looking, smooth and steady video using only your iPhone, GoPro, or almost any other smartphone. Unlike other stabilizers - the StayblCam was designed specifically for smart phones and compact cameras such as the GoPro and other action cameras. The StayblCam is so easy - anyone young and old can create great looking video with no extra skills, using only one hand. Does not require adjustments of nuts, screws, or counterweights.
  • The StayblCam is compact and portable, but can also be stretched out to allow for video recording up to 3 feet (1 meter) above your head - or all the way down to ground level. Using the StayblCam in 'down low' mode is ideal for capturing never-before seen angles of your pets or small children - all the while giving you nice and stable image.
  • The unique and patented mobile phone grip features two separate slots, to ensure compatibility with most camera phones on the market. Textured ribs, made from a friction-resistant resin, makes sure that your phone will not fall out of the mount accidentally - even when you are holding the StayblCam upside down. The mobile phone adapter unscrews in seconds, to reveal a standard 1/4 inch screw for use with GoPro cameras or other compact cameras that have a tripod screw mount.
  • Simple and ergonomic gimbal handle made from strong aluminum feels great in your hand - and allows you full control of camera movements such as tilt, pan, and rotation with your fingers for support. With its compact size and shape, the StayblCam quickly collapses for easy storage and portability. It is also fitted with a another female 1/4 inch threaded hole at the bottom for soon to be released accessories such as DSLR stabilization and more.
  • Made in USA, and from high-impact resistant and waterproof, stainless materials - the StayblCam can handle a rugged trip into the mountains just as well as it can handle your trips underwater, shooting incredible underwater footage.

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