Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Turn Protein Powder Into A Frozen Dessert Mix


FREEZINda™ is a 150 calorie dessert mixture that consists of a liquid & dry mix. When you mix FREEZINda™ into a whey protein shake (made with 50 grams protein using your own whey protein powder + 1 cup water or milk) and place in the freezer, it'll turn into an ice cream like frozen dessert in 14 hrs. FREEZINda™ is a yummy dessert replacement for individuals who drink whey protein shakes!
  • Fat free, low sugar, lactose free, low net carbs
  • Prepare in 90 seconds (requires freezing)
  • Helps make about 12 oz of frozen dessert
  • Sold as a 5 Pack ($2.99/each)

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