Sunday, June 4, 2017

So Great To See My Friend Chris Who Is On His Kidney Transplant Journey

To learn about Chris's Kidney Transplant Journey, Click Here

It was back in 1991 when I was at the Atlanta Car show and there I started talking to this man about cars and how he can help me with finding the right car. 16 years later, we are great friends. We have played tennis many years ago and have introduced me to many great people in Atlanta. He really is a very special friend! Even when I moved from Atlanta to Florida in 2005, we kept in touch. Now that I am back in Atlanta, it's great to see Chris more often. This photo is from today as we met for an incredible early dinner.  Chis as always, made being with him very enjoyable.

Over the past couple of years, Chris has been facing many tough life challenges through no fault of his own, but remains one of the strongest, positive individuals I have ever met.  He is on a Kidney Transplant Journey and hopefully he will be put on a donor list in the near future.

I encourage you to read Chris's story and while you might not know Chris, but willing to donate to his Journey, I thank you!

To learn about Chris's Kidney Transplant Journey, Click Here

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